Vac Saver HT

The Vac Saver HT is a one-way check valve used to protect vacuum bagged parts against vacuum loss.  The Vac Saver HT protects against back pressure when multiple lines are connected to a single vacuum source (manifold, etc).  If there is vacuum loss in a part that is connected to the same vacuum source, the Vac Saver HT closes automatically and protects parts against vacuum loss.  The Vac Saver HT is used in combination with our quick disconnects and Airflow hoses.  The Vac Saver HT has a service temperature of 392 degrees F and made out of anodized aluminum with a ¼” thread.


1/8-inch x 1/2-inch x 25 feet             40 rolls per case

GS-281LT is a multi-purpose sealant tape with a unique formulation that was designed to have low room temperature surface tack.  This allows for repositioning of the bagging film after the film has contacted the sealant tape. It removes easily from metal or composite tools after cure and is suitable for applications up to 400°F (204°C).  This tape is perfect for debulking!