John O’Rourke (Sean)

John O’Rourke (Sean), President and CEO of Coast-Line International Distributors, LTD since 1993, hails from County Galway, Ireland. Sean joined Coast-Line as a young lad in 1974 as the Supervisor of Warehouse Operations.

Sean quickly became familiar with the many products that Coast-Line had to offer. With this knowledge, he became successful in his new position as Inside Industrial Sales Representative. Later, Sean became Coast-Line’s top Sales Representative for both the Industrial and Aerospace Divisions. Through his untiring efforts, Sean became Sales Manager in 1983. In this capacity, he guided the efforts of both the aerospace and industrial salespeople as well as the inside sales force. Sean created a team – an atmosphere of comradeship and cooperation.

His success was rewarded with the position of Vice-President in 1986. Sean took an active role in the overall direction that Coast-Line would take in the 21st Century. He laid the groundwork by adding to Coast-Line’s already extensive product lines and hiring additional salespeople to better serve our customers.

Now as President and CEO, Sean has broadened the scope of Coast-Line’s presence in the United States as well as abroad. He opened 2 new warehouses: one in Berlin, MA and another in Atlanta, GA. Sean is still looking for ways to better serve our customers, which, as he states, is the reason Coast-Line is here. Sean insists that we have close relationships with all our customers; he is always available to speak directly with our customers.