Primetex® Lightweight Gap-Free Fabrics

PrimeTex® is a carbon fiber weaving technology in which the fibers are spread in both the warp and weft directions to produce a uniform weave and gap-free finish. The spreading process increases the closure factor in the fabric by 5-8% compared to conventional weaving processes (depending on the carbon tow and FAW). Laminates made with PrimeTex® have reduced porosity, resulting in higher mechanical performance.

When used in sandwich structures the thin PrimeTex® skins are highly resistant to water ingress. PrimeTex® Very Light Weight 98 g/m² is the lightest 3K gap-free fabric ever produced, permitting the cost-effective use of very light plies in composite lay-ups. PrimeTex® Very Light Weight is also 12% thinner than conventional 1K carbon fabrics, resulting in lighter structures making it ideal for surface plies, sandwich construction, structural parts or any other composite components requiring extreme lightness.